My Journey into
The Art of Slow Living

On a trip to Morocco, I went south to the desert. I spent the most magical night sitting under the stars and talking about life with a Berbere who calls the desert home. Unbeknownst to me, this was to be the beginning of my journey from North America to creating a life in the desert of North Africa.

This is my story,  the art of making a slow life in Sahara. Kasbah Ait isfoul ~ aka "Sandcastle in the Sahara" ~ is the place I now call home. Whether I am travelling, or curating gatherings or adventures here in Morocco, this is my life: the Art of Simple living, eating local, being mindful, staying present and finding inspiration in the everyday, while assimilating desert life in the midst of restoring a Kasbah in the Sahara. 

You can find me behind my lens, making art or wandering the local souks, sourcing handmade goods and trying to "up my culinary game" without the conveinences I have grown accustomed too. I would love to have you along to gather, wander and create. 

Visit my personal art site at MichelleFletcherArt.com

PS: Did I mention that I am the only English speaker except Kamal in the local village and surrounding areas. I would really love to connect with any one who is interested in connecting as I sloooowly create a life here in the Sahara.