Travel with Meraki


“MERAKI: doing something with love, passion and a lot of soul.”


The Art of Travel mixed with Meraki

There are many ways to show up to a foreign land as there are experiences to be had while you are there. My top 3 favourite ways to travel with Meraki!

It isn’t where you go but how you see that can make all the difference in the experience and the interactions you have with the locals, and they of you.

1/  I encourage you to spend time wandering the souk, allowing yourself to get lost in the details of daily life in Marrakech. With camera (phone) in hand, enjoy this simple welcoming ritual. Either alone or in a group of creative + curious travellers, do be considerate and ask before you point your cameras at moroccans, you may be surprised at the reaction, sometimes a offer of gratuity and a genuine connection can make all the difference.

2/ Stopping frequently at whatever tea shop or bench you come upon, write down impressions, insights . . . the sounds, the smells, sometimes even overheard conversations - the real time happenings that surround as you witness with new eyes, whether on your own or with a group, there is only one first time of experiencing the mayhem and the magic that is Marrakech.

3/ Be open to new experiences, showing up fully to all the opportunities that unfold on your path. It may surprise you what leaves an lasting impression, sometimes things that you could have never predicted. The details of other cultures, and your ability to adapt to them with fresh eyes and an open heart. This is the biggest gift and treasure that you will take away from your journey.

dessert camel meraki

Join me on an Art of Travel Adventure in Morocco and lets travel get our Meraki on together, as we experience all the wonderfully diverse traditions this culture has. You never know we may even learn something along the way.

M xx

Michelle Fletcher