Top 3 Travel Tips for an Epic Adventure


Say Yes, buy a ticket, pack a bag, make new friends, learn something and get lost.

How to ensure an Epic Adventure

What EPIC means to us and how we ensure that is happened on every journey:

To travel global and feel local is the most meaningful experience of all. Here are is the beginning of what we think are the non negotiables to begin your next adventure.

1/ Allow yourself time to be with they way the wind blows, and the sand shifts - allow the moments to unfold, welcome the experiences, detours and daily changes and challenges that occur, they most certainly always will but with the right open mindset you will find that often this is where the magic happens. The locals you meet, the invitations you accept and friendships and bonds that can sometimes last a lifetime or in my case alter the course of your future.

2/ Explore the world around you, every minute that you get too - in exploring your immediate world around you, interesting things are constantly happening before you, the daily, the mundane - the details of our lives. When you view your new surroundings with wonderment and an explorers eye, document it for your later consumption or inspiration it is often where the best memories come from. Not in the monuments or driving around and checking off the must see or do list- it is more often in the simple act of being fully where ever you actually are.

3/ Get out of your comfort zone - learning to sometimes do the opposite of what you would normally do at home allows you the bonus of experiencing both where your comfort zone lies, and also gives you the opportunity to experience how other cultures actually live their lives, not the tourism version, which is often westernized to make it sellable to the masses - the DisneyLand version is what it feels like to me, wrap it up, make it easy and consumable and as close to the same as everywhere else in the world that you go. If you are a person that is curious and openminded, allow yourself first to stop and take a breathe before you decide to say yes or no to opportunities that come your way - they may be the very thing that pushes you and expands you in ways that you had no idea until you try!

Showing up and leaving time for the unexpected, unknown and the yet to be discovered. Actually witnessing ourselves and how we adapt to the shifting sands and which way the wind blows is often the most amazing and sometimes unexpected gifts of adventures.

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