S l o w Travel

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I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow and each road leads you to where you are meant to go. 

Slow Travel or Travel Slow

The Zen of slow travel. We like to define ourselves as slow travellers, and people always ask us what infact this means, and why we chose to not try to cram in as many places as possible in a short space of time.

Making the most of our time isn’t about seeing as much as we can, running from one thing that must be seen to another so we can take a selfie and say: “We’ve been there,” or “We’ve done that?”

No, for us our time means to chose experiences and connections over sights - quality over quantity for sure.

This what S L O W tavel means to us:

To travel global and feel local is the most meaningful experience of all.

Slow travel is about fully immersive experiences.

Prolonged and in depth time spent with locals.

Embrace all things around us, to enjoy the simple things that are part of the local lives and culture of the area you are actually visiting.

Connecting with the locals, learning and observing how and what they do, allows you to actually learn.

Open mind and open hearted, gives you access to the richness of other ways of showing up in the world, not form judgment but rather being a witness and connecting human to human.

Removing the race instead the getting to everything, rather allowing yourself to be still and let the moment before you reveal the place and people to you.

Documenting taking the time while siting in the cafe, or a bench, or perhaps pulling up a pouf, jotting down your thoughts, sketches, inspiration or snippets of overheard conversations, giving the simple details have a place to land and gather.

I adore the slow in travel, being from the west, I have raced through many cities and towns trying to see all that there was too see, often not actually feeing like I was actually anywhere, often without many real experiences to sit aside my well stamped passport. While I reflected on my frequent wanderings and the why behind them, I came to the very clear understanding that for me, the diversity of lives, cultures and connections, was what I craved, not necessarily the highlighted tourist sites that became a blur of crowds and sameness.

As my passion and priorities changed, my way of experiencing a place did as well. The wanting to be fully present and embrace the surroundings that I found myself in often requires sacrificing “the doing everything” to actually fully experience by doing and seeing less.

This way of travel also allows us to give back to the local people, businesses and communities by carefully choosing what we do and how we do it. The ability to balance and beware of our carbon footprint, as we do our best to be mindful of who and where our travel dollar and energy goes. Allowing people to have their personal and travel needs taken care of, allows them the space to experience both being a little out of their comfort zone and actually have a taste of real local life. We love the blending the big picture details and the in the moment surprises and unexpected beauty that can cross our path then we are slower and not on a cray cray timeline as we journey in Morocco.

Slow travel means we create our experiences, often without trying at all. Leaving time for the unexpected, unknown and the yet to be discovered. The biggest take away of all is actually witnessing ourselves and how our inner landscape adapts and handles the shifting sands of desert and beyond.

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