How to arrive ready to Explore


“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet.” 
― Rachel Wolchin


Your adventure is approaching and it is almost time to pack your bag, here are a few suggestions to help you feel as relaxed as possible during your flight, so you’ll be ready to explore when you arrive at your destination.


Comfortable clothing, made of layers and fabrics that stretch and breathe are my go to choices when I think of what to wear on the plane. The temperature can change greatly in the air (no clue as to why) so adding and subtracting in a confined space is paramount when in transit. I usually take off my boots (usually wear the heaviest footwear on the plane) and replace with a pair of warm socks or babouches (slippers) to make the journey as comfortable as possible.   


We’re all familiar with this: after hours on the plane, you wake up a mess (even if you never sleep, like myself, I look like I have). That’s why it’s always a good to freshen up.  To the washroom I go, with my bag, and wash my face, brush my teeth and apply some oil (argan 0il is my go to these days, for travel and the Sahara) and lip balm. I brush my hair (well not always, the hair is somewhat of a unruly mess and often my brush isn't in my handbag or I have forgotten it entirely) and I am good to go.


When you share the same space for a long time with a lot of people, the air in the cabin gets very dry. This can lead to dry eyes as well as  skin. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your skin is hydrated properly and does not dry out. Take cream or oil and don’t forget to also stay hydrated on the inside. Drink enough water and get up and go to bathroom – just look at it as a good reason to keep your body moving.  I always get an aisle seat because I am and down constantly and would rather have people disturb me than me them.


Being on a plane for an extended period of time results in stiff muscles and legs that fall asleep. You can prevent this by walking around the plane and stretching as much as possible. You might attract a few stares from your fellow travellers , but you will feel better  when leaving the plane.

Also, make sure to pay attention to how you’re seated, I have arrived with pinched nerves as a result of  some strange positions I have found myself in. 



Another way to take care of your body during the flight is to make sure you’re eating well. The food on board isn’t always healthy, which is why its always a good idea to bring your own snacks. Nuts, fruits and bars can give you a boost, I wish I could order green juice for the plane rides (that would ba an incredible addition to any flight.

Drink lots of fluids,  avoiding alcohol. The same goes for carbonated sodas: they can cause you to feel bloated. Drink as much water as you can.



Last but not least: make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible once you’ve reached your destination. Longer flights in particular can cause you to feel unbalanced. Your body needs time to get used to new surroundings and a different time zone, but there are some ways you can speed up this process. 

The first thing I do when I arrive at my hotel is to book a massage.  A massage, a wander, early dinner and I go to bed. It sets the tone for my adventure, also depending on my arrival time, doing some yoga is helpful and classes aren't that hard to find anymore.

By turning your travel rituals  into wellness moments, you’ll find out that you can unwind whenever, wherever you are in this beautiful planet.


M xx

Michelle Fletcher