Portable Art Studio


“I'm a wanderer. But i don't wander to explore the outer physical world , I do it to explore the universe inside me.” 
― Appu Nirmal


Put on your Explorer's hat and grab your Portable Art Studio aka (journal + supplies) and step out and into you time to discover what is around you to explore?


1/ Step out from your familiar, outside your door, away from your computer and all the images and thoughts and ideas of others. This journey is for you, to allow yourself to think and feel what is lying beneath all the noise and distractions in your daily life. 

2/ Go somewhere public, could be in your neighbourhood, or a different one, be sure your where there are people, sounds, colours or activities. I have listed my go to places whether I am at home abroad, there are many options, so go where you are called too?

  • art supply or paper shop

  • museum

  • art gallery

  • library

  • coffee shop

3/ Look around and explore the details. What colours do you see, do they evoke some emotion? What shapes surround you? Are people interacting around you, do you participate or just witness? Is there anything that stands out to you, what do you hear in this environment?

4/ Now examine how you feel, what thoughts are coming to your mind?  Do a short stream of consciousness writing, just letting out what comes to mind and not taking any time to think about or edit it. When done, take a few moments to read what you wrote and make a note of anything that stands out or surprises you. You can  draw or sketch a little something that you notice, what stands out to you.  Document the details, I find often it is in the mundane details that inspirations insights can reside.

5/ Point your camera/phone lens at what is in your view, don't overthink it . . . try to use the idea that you are simply documenting your field trip and these images are just visual memories of this time.

6/ As you step back into your creative space.  Look around, and review what you have been working on, or what is on your vision board for your life, dreams or goals? At this point take a look over what you documented on your field trip and what you photographed?

This is where you may see some sort of connection, pattern or even get an answer to some question you may have been looking to get clarity around? 

Take the time once a week to have a little time to simply go, observe and explore! 


Peace, Paint + a Passport

M x

Michelle Fletcher