The Art of Travel at its BEST


"Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a Passport"



The Art of Travel at its BEST is when travelling with other Creative Souls! I am beyond grateful for the blessing that has been gifted to me, first when Orly Avineri decided to come to teach a workshop in my home in the Sahara and then again when a beautiful group of artists signed up, and filling the retreat, with a waiting list as well.

Dreams do come true, really they do! When I think about the twisted winding wander that makes up a life, it is quite a miracle how it all makes perfect sense when looking back . . . the pieces, the places, spaces and the people - the ones that you were drawn too, the ones that taught you, and the ones that you didn't know why but they captivated and compelled you. I feel it isn't appropriate to name names here as the retreat hasn't happened yet and I must protect the artists who have entrusted me on their ARTIST DATE of all dates, as they spend time filling up their own creative wells and get inspired to go back and do what they so gracefully do for all the other beautiful people that they reach, teach,  and inspire. 

After many travels, passports and retreats, I am thinking about a day not so long ago (2014) while attending another retreat in Bali,  while sitting at group dinner telling travel tales, a lovely artist said to me, "You should be guiding tours and creating travel experiences . . . You are fun, a bit wild but very responsible and well traveled", I said YES, wouldn't that be a dream, to be able to create a way to share my love of travel and all that inspires me about travel, the before, the during and the after, on such trips? I laughed and thought that's a lovely compliment and dream and then went back to my life!

But did I?  No,  actually that comment, triggered a part of me that has been there as far as I could recall, as I was living my life as conventionally as I could, ha!! If you ask my family they would say that my trips, travels and treks became more often and for longer periods of time, and personally, I could not wait for my next escape. Just the thinking about a place, the research, the planning and the packing and the making my way to airports,  made my heart beat faster, so when I was asked again to help people (leaders) facilitate their trips, using my connections and knowledge, I began what has now turned my dream into actual reality.

So again, I want to thank all that have joined up either to a retreat, or my newsletter!  To be able to share with you in person or online is just the best feeling, creating an experience to share with other humans all that I hold near and dear to my heart. 

There will be more exciting things coming down the trade route in Morocco and beyond., so please stay tuned and please share with your friends!

You will never know how amazing it feels to share what really is,  who you are meets what you do.  Every artist is different,  but I believe that all artists (and we are all artists) are open and experience the world in different ways because the world looks — and feels, and sounds — different to them, and that is why it is important to travel like and artist everyday!! So you can imagine that travelling like an artists, with other artists is beyond the best thing for your creative soul!

There are many benefits to following your dreams, certainly living without regret is one of the most important to me. Living my new life in the Sahara #livingthedream isn't always easy, but it is true and honest and that my friends makes it all worth while, every renovated, sandy and sunny inch (or rather centimetre here??)

I’ll leave you to discover what happens when you slow down, write it down, savour and reflect on your dreams and experiences. You too,  might have a dream that is on route to becoming reality,  you just have to trust and do the next step and one day you will look back and see how it all connects!

I would love to hear what and where your dreams are made of?


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Peace, Paint + a Passport

M x

Michelle Fletcher