The Art of Travel aka Travel like an Artist


"One's destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things."



When I guide our creative wanderings in Morocco and beyond, we don't travel in the typical style of “see the top sights” or “the shop here”, but instead we allow the day to unfold and we experience ourselves and the place in simple and slow ways. Our mission is to coax our creativity to the forefront of how we experience the country and people,  the way we honour and witness what crosses our path. With the details attended to, you are free to enjoy the sensory delights of this country. I do also have my ever growing little black book of Morocco, that resides with me at all times, as a resource and where I compile the people and the places that have brought me so much joy and inspiration here in Morocco, all an essential part of crafting my hand curated itineraries for our custom treks.

Over many years of travel and attending retreats, I noticed a pattern,  that is everyone has a part of themselves that wants to be FREE and more self expressed.

Often overlooked, or over worked they come on a journey to access that part, the wild artist, closet writer, the unheard poet, and grant her space to create or just be . . .

From my time observing others, I’ve learned to show up in a few ways that helps make it easier to access my creative side,  both at home and around the globe. I invite you to try these on, some may suit you and others may not, but just showing up with an open heart, an open mind, gets you half the way there. Every artist is different,  but I believe that all artists (and we are all artists) are open and experience the world in different ways because the world looks — and feels, and sounds — different to them, and that is why it is important to travel like and artist everyday!!

There are many more benefits to traveling as an artist, but I’ll leave you to discover what happens when you slow down, write it down, savour and reflect on your experiences.

Try the artist’s perspective on with these rituals in the manifesto I have created below.

Remember, these small Art of Travel Practices + Rituals can be used at home – no tickets required to ‘travel’ like an artist.


YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN TRAVEL MANIFESTO OR USE THE ONE BELOW AS YOUR JUMPING OFF POINT. You can use a computer like I did or better yet "the simple living creative approach,"  add glue to paper + cut up magazines and make a handmade version, which is what an artist would probably prefer and  hang it where you can see it as you go about your day!

What does it mean for you to travel like an artist?

 I’d love to hear your perspective, please share your thoughts with me!

Peace, Paint + a Passport

M x

Michelle Fletcher