My love of Tuareg Mats


I'm pretty obsessed with these Tuareg Mats, they are so earthy and powerful.  This image is my friend Hassan, who is from the area and deals with these beautiful mats, and he is teaching me the differences between the vintage originals and the newer ones. 

You know when you see something and then you see it again, and there is an instant connection and you feel like you are on to something new, well actually old but new to you? Then you start to see it everywhere, magazines, blogs, pinterest etc. . . and you then realize is starting to trend and in fact it isn't just your discovery, it is everyones. In actuality they have probably been popular for years but I have been focused on other things for sometime and interior trends haven't been one of them.


Tuareg Mats are being sourced in the Sahara Desert and Mauritania. The vintage ones are becoming hard to find and therefore more expensive to purchase. Each rug is handwoven with palm fronds and goat or camel leather from the Tuareg tribes of Sahara Mauritania, and are decorated with intricate woven leather strands from goat or camel. Some of the women's weavings are incredibly intricate in design.  Many have ancient symbols woven into them. These mats are durable, being made to withstand the Sahara,  some of the hottest weather in the world.

I would love to have these one day in the Sandcastle -