Slow Travel - my top 5 things to do in the Sahara

No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget
— unknown
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As the largest and one of the driest deserts on Earth, it is safe to say there are very few places in the world like the Sahara Desert. The infinite sea of dunes all in different shades is the perfect setting to experience a unique adventure and the rhythm of desert life.

Wandering through the various dunes and most importantly for me, the process of the rhythmic meditation of walking into the horizon while finding solace in contemplation and deep internal wisdom and self reflection.

Desert Camp

# 1

Connect with a licensed locally operated desert guide, from the area. If an authentic experience is what you are after and I can tell you from my numerous visits and time spent in the desert, that with whom and how you arrive can set the stage for either a life changing experience or a canned, touristy one.  If like me you enjoy a more bespoke and locally curated approach then it is essential to connect with people that will help you access what you want during your time in the Sahara. If you are interested in more information or recommendations you can connect with me directly at

Camels roam

# 2

Give yourself the gift of time . . . there are many ways to arrive to the Chigaga, which is my favourite area to spend time in. It is more remote than Merzouga so therefore the place is less inhabited and the experience more unique. The quiet, the sand dunes and the over whelming space is worth at least an overnight, but for me, the longer you can stay the better, to really be able to experience the magic of the desert and who you are while you are in it?

If time is an issue and the breathtaking journey through the trade route over the Atlas Mountains isn't possible, both, Marrakech and Casablanca now offer several flights to Zagora each week.

If you are going to make the trip to Morocco do yourself a favour and don't miss the miracle of seeing the light at dawn or the wonder of midnight stars.

Breakfast is served

# 3

Sleep in a tent. The camps are many and vary in style, amenities and cost.  The design, comfort, details and service vary greatly, so when you see the different prices by different companies,  be sure that you are comparing the levels of the tours and not just by cost alone. I haven't stayed at all of them but I am working my way through them and have a list of favourites and recommendations depending on your level of comfort, style, luxury and price and I am happy to hook you up if you find yourself planning some time in the Morocco. 



# 4


Sunrise and Sunset . . .the dawn and twilight are the most romantic moments of the day, as you enjoy the natural beauty as the rays dance around the sand. If you are a photographer, the golden hour is heaven in the desertscape.

These unforgettable moments will stay with you forever as you fall in love with the amazing beauty,  witnessing the first rays or the last rays of sunlight appearing or disappearing behind the dunes.


# 5

Just be . . .the power and the possibilities lie in your ability to experience yourself.  If you have ever had the opportunity to do any form of meditation, and I have, the desert, if you let it, will offer you up to yourself.  The quiet and the sacred energy will allow you the freedom to listen to your soul if you are up to it? 

I would love to bring a group of women together on a guided wander through the Sahara desert in Morocco. To promote women's, strength, spiritual and creative harmony. I haven't begun to organize it yet but it is working its way into reality. 

Expansive and powerful is the SAHARA, if you get the chance don't miss it!!

I would love for you too join us. 

Not all those who wander are lost.
— J.R.R. Tolkien

There are as many ways to spend your time in the desert as there are stars in the sky and I have just touched on a few.  I would love to share with you some of the magical experiences I am collaborating on with others.  

If you are interested in knowing more or creating your own special adventure or retreat please sign up to my newsletter or drop me an email.                                      

I look forward to it!


M xx