The Beauty of Decay

Beauty throughout time - it changes.

Beauty it morphs into something new, changing so slowly, almost undetectable to the eye. The trim in abandoned building: the paint peels, the light creeps in, and the mood changes the atmosphere and creates a beautiful moment . . . one that may go unnoticed for all time. When we surround and surrender to the decay around us, there is beauty everywhere.


As I wander with my camera, which these days looks more like my phone - there is nothing more meditative for me, being surrounded by decaying walls, and buildings. The temporary human achievements are replaced by the transcendence of time. I am both transported back and yet so very present to what is - the temporariness of it all. It mirrors my own change always growing from within but showing the movement of time upon my skin and bones now. The ever changing, imperfectly perfect that we are lucky enough to witness . . .


Beauty throughout time, as seen as I pursue the alleyways of the souk, a refection I wear upon my face.  Life reflecting back at me and me at it.

abstract life

There's something fascinating about decay. Something about nature taking over, something that reminds us that there's something more powerful than the perceived control we have over our everyday lives. 


M xx

Michelle Fletcher