Travel Through the Eyes of Local

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.
— Lao Tzu

As a creative and a life long traveler, I am obsessed with the details. An explorer by nature, I love seeking out the authentic, inspirational and most unique places, spaces and experiences. A fan of slow travel, I do the observing, gathering, and making contacts so you don't have too.

Specializing in one of a kind, hand curated experiences,  I can build your dream trip for you or work along side you?  I can coordinate and direct behind the scenes, or co-host a gathering or workshop with you..

Lets make your personal travel, or retreat dreams into reality. 

Being in service and transforming dreams into reality,  from the scouting special interests places  and all the coordination,  allows you to focus on your time here, whether to teach a workshop or enjoy local cultural experiences, we are here to build handmade itineraries for your specific desires and interests.

Gathering together,  connecting with others and creating are my passions, so whether your interest is yoga, meditation, food, photography, styling, architecture, art, or a combination we will create a beautiful experience just for you.

Sharing my love of travel and the common bond that binds us all together in our humanity is my greatest joy while bringing dreams to life, kind of like a travel dream manifester.  

So if you have a dream, and it involves Morocco, let us bring it to life. 

With a lifetime of travelling, it has been the connections to the people, that have made the places the most memorable, and rich with meaning.

That for me is how travel transforms  . . . often lured by our differences but connected by our sameness, our common humanity, has filled my life with inspiration, and given me a never ending and diverse pool of insights for all my artistic pursuits.

I have travelled like local,  with locals and it is with first hand experience that I pass this onto you. Making friends and connection wherever,  however and with whomever you wish to share your locally curated adventure with. . . 

At the doorway to the Sahara sits, my home,  Kasbah Aitisoul . . . it is being restored and transformed, as is our website, so please take a wabi-sabi, progress not perfection(yet) heart,  while you step into our world at this time. 

As I write this, our goal and vision are slowly becoming reality. Much like a painting, the process is an accumulation of layers, strokes and marks that create a depth and history -  but this canvas is clay and the medium is mixed, materiality and with humanity sweat and maybe a few tears as we bring Kamal's grandfathers dream to fruition,  the continuation of what he started years ago,  making Ait isfoul,  a gathering place for locals and guests.

I invite you to share in this journey and perhaps it may inspire an adventure or two of your own?  

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I would love to have you along.

With an open mind, open heart and a portable studio, lets create some wild, and wise adventures -

M xx

Michelle Fletcher