Gifts for the Traveller


“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet.” 
― Rachel Wolchin


I am off to Canada, to spend time with my family for the Christmas holidays!  When I was thinking about this the upcoming holiday, I thought I would put together a few "gifts for the wandering artist/traveller"?

You see, I get asked all the time, what should I bring, what do I miss, what do I want etc? So I have made a list of a few of my favourite possibilities? The trancient nature of my life,  finding and creating home wherever I am these days, has made stuff, the organization and carrying around of my treasured belongings,  more of burden  than before. Things, have to be special, useful and often pull double duty and be made by actual humans to make the list!


1/  Package free toiletries, we love the world and want to protect it and one of the easiest ways is to eliminate whenever possible our personal plastic use. Items that are without packaging and are solid, make going through security  a breeze and last for along while. Lush,with their solid shampoos, conditioners and natural deodorants are the best. 

2/ My ongoing issue with bottled water, it can be a huge issue, especially in countries where water isn't drinkable from the tap. For bottles I like the Hydrofask with its insulating abilities, hot or cold. Or for the avid, traveller to Asia, Africa or South America the SteriPen or a filtered adapter for a water bottle are great things as well.

3/ The perfect notebook or journal, the list is long, and the choice is great. For me it is all about the one that you will actually use? I have a few, but I actually find having a small one on me at all times, me helps me jot down notes in real time that I can refer to later in  my travel or life book. I haven't linked any because I think the choices are great, and choosing is half of the fun?

4/ Guides, digital or otherwise to places that are of interest are always welcomed. Being a person that adores actual books in paper form, I have to say that I have adapted more and more to digital for these, as the weight and bulk are just not worth the real estate that they take up, so digital it is.

5/ Local Experiences, I often try now to either purchase ahead of time or give a gift card that is an actual interactative activity, something to do,  a cooking class, food tourphotography tour etc, for either the place or interest that is meaningful to the recipient. There are many and it is such a joy to hear what their experience, and they may have otherwise not have had without you?

6/ Creative portable studio bits and bobs are a love of mine, whether a travel bag to house an assorted, yet small amount of artist materials or the actual art supply items themselves? The choices are vast and fun to surprise the nomadic gypsy/wandering artist with in your life?

7/ Subscriptions boxes, courses, wine, chocolate, magazines etc . . . or a latest favourite idea for those of us that love books is Book Voyage, which every month sends out a book from different counties and goodies to accompany them. This one is from the UK but I am sure there are many from around the world.

8/ Gifts that are handmade by artists and artisans around the world. From jewelry, to fine art, prints or perfume. There as so many beautiful products that are out there, etsy, markets and on IG. It has become easier to find these amazing treasures and it truly is the gift that gives back, to the artisan, their family and local communities. So whenever I can, this is a go to for me.

9/  European Travel Adapter is on my list, I never seem to have enough of these, for myself or for others that misplace or forget them. Was looking and there seem to be an assortment of ones here.

10/ And last but not least, you could give that person you love an amazing Art of Travel experience with me in Morocco. I would love to have you along, to enjoy this beautiful and diverse country that I have come to love. There are a few trips listed, and more on the way. This one with Kate ThompsonKolleen Harrison is going to be amazing and we still have a few spots left, does it have your name on it? If you want you could shoot me an email and we could send a gift certificate out to that special creative in your life, or too yourself? If not now when?

ON-THE-GO hair styles-3.png

This is one of the paintings Kate has been working on for The Alchemy of a Nomad workshop portion of our upcoming Morocco Art of Travel Journey, isn’t it fabulous?

M xx

Michelle Fletcher