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Marrakech Hues to Desert Blues

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Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.
— anonymous

Do you believe in divine timing or serendipity? That which happens so easily, and simply . . . a connection that seems to surely have been built over lifetime and space?

You connect and conspire, you decide without the formalities of meeting in person to collaborate on what would be and is now a dream trip. This is what I believe is inspired imperfect action (say yes to what lights you up and taking daily steps to bring it to life) ... in this workshop you'll experience Melanie Royal's vision of blending art and culture, sharing some of the best that Marrakech and the Sahara have to offer, seen and experienced through the creative lens.  4 artists who call Morocco home unite to bring you workshops to guide and share with you ways to encapsulate and express in real time as you journey through an art and travel adventure of a lifetime.

THE ART OF TRAVEL ... throughout our 2 week journey we will weave photography and creative workshops into what will end in uniquely personal artworks. Finding inspirations in the colours, culture and connections we find along our path through the Marrakech Medina,  the Valley of a thousand Kasbahs, to AIT ISFOUL at the edge of the Sahara Desert.

Ait isfoul as you know is my home and creative gathering space in the Sahara. Sharing my love of travel, cultures and creative pursuits with others bring such joy and richness to my life and my work. I hope you will feel the call to say YES and join us as we come together under the desert sky while listening to the fusion music of the Daraa Tribe, a local group comprising a unique mix of traditions and languages in their fusion blues.


For all the specifics and details on Marrakech Hues to Desert Blues and to make this dream trip into a real trip for you in 2018, please go to Maison 28 for your registration.


Away from the smog of cities, our hearts are drawn to the Sahara, where the only dust is sand, and the only barrier is the sky. Come to the desert for the silence that roars from your wild heart
— michelle Fletcher