Gather Wander + Create 2018

As I sit and watch the clock move forward, steeped in all the feelings that I feel. . . searching for that WORD, you know the one? The one that is suppose to be what guides you, you aspire to, the word above all other words that you summon into 2018!

I have made a list and in fact wrote them on my vision journal spread for the upcoming 365 days - and then like I do, I covered them up, and when buried under papers and paint, it hits me, it hits me (because I am out of my head when creating, I drop from my head to my heart, without even trying) . . . it isn't a word, it is a FEELING, and that feeling holds space for all other things to rise up in me, from me and through me,  the feeling is of course INSPIRED!!

Without it, I am lost, looking around myself instead of into myself for what is next! Which way, is the way, what is a HELL YES or a F_ _K  NO! When I am INSPIRED, there is an ease that I move through the world, a trust and knowing that if I pay attention to feeling my way through,  there is in fact, no wrong path, for if I am inspired to gather, wander or create and it feels right in my body, in my soul . . . regardless what others think and feel, it is my job to honour my unique, messy and fabulous truth! That is it, I do not have to know every detail, strategize and for me that can mean, agonize over things that I just don't want to occupy the limited space + time that I have here on this planet - I just want to honour my gifts and share it with others.



As I write this I think well that is easy, NO?

Well, it is but if not mindfully paying attention to your inner guidance system, it can be the hardest thing to access, that gut, intuition, inner knowing . . . 

The easiest way to access this is being mindful and often it comes with gifting yourself with TIME . . .being inspired is an ACTION and it requires that I give more energy to dreams then to my fears. So as in the previous year I will continue to walk into what lights me up and TRUST that who and what is suppose to meet me there is . . . I will keep myself rooted in my body as I dance through the collaborations and opportunities that lie ahead. I hope that you meet me there, we can make beautiful things, us human beings if we honour and trust each other and take action, living our inspired adventurous lives.

May 2018 be filled with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, all the light in-between and all the BIG LOVE that you deserve . . .you already have everything you need to do what you came here to do!!






go to the place inside where your answers live


XX Michelle