Listening to the Waves + Talking to the Stars

All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveller is unaware

Letting go of everything and moving towards living from a place of truth, choosing what is the next right decision is what I am seeking as I sit amongst the waves and the stars.

Arriving in Morocco is giving me no choice but to acclimate, the weather is so hot, so we pause and we sit at the beach...with all the other lucky Moroccans that can get away. The heat is immense and most things slow down so getting out of the cities, or the Sahara is a privilege and a huge gift if you can.

We have been to Tangier and the beaches around there, while beautiful, they are filled with tourists from Europe, being so close to Spain. We found a lovely, local beach a few hours down the coast and we, or rather I,  am maybe one of 3 Caucasians that I have seen here...YAY!!  So alongside  Moroccan families and a few camels,  we too, are enjoying the ocean and the much welcome lovely ocean breeze.

Our days are filled with the heavy burden of foraging for food... not hard, huge Spanish influence, the sea and fresh local produce everywhere , it isn't a hard ship that is for certain. My time, while not occupied with wifi (hmm)...I am on a forced sabbatical, which is leaving me time to write, read and just to be, as I seek and try to stand in this new experience...isn't quite as easy as I had thought, but who had time to think during the dismantling of ones life in Canada ha!

I hope that you too are finding time to pause and listen to some waves, and talk to the stars wherever you are in the world? It is a gift that could lead to radical shifts in what really matters  in your life as well, but don't take my word for it, give it a try yourself.

From North Africa to North America, the differences are many, the culture, the food, languages, the landscape...but what I sit with as I watch the families enjoying fun, food and laughter, while on the sand with their amazingly wondrous smelling food and playing with their beautiful children at the Ocean, is our, colour, culture aside...we are joined in our humanity and with that I feel alittle bit more at home day by day.



Michelle Fletcher