Camels and Couscous
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Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn to the Sahara,
where the only dust is sand, and the only barrier is the sky.
Come to the desert for the silence that roars from your wild heart.

AIT ISFOUL is our kasbah. It sits at the doorway to the Sahara, in an oasis filled with date palms. It is both an inn and a gathering place for locals and travellers.

Stays and gatherings are designed to improve your well-being. They are for anyone who wants to slow down, recharge, create, or reflect . . .  while exploring like a local and enjoying a real desert experience.

Are you an artist, a writer, photographer, a musician, yogi . . . 
a curious adventurer ? 

Join us in our magical corner of the world to awaken your senses and restore your spirit.

Our Gatherings and Workshops invite you to explore, honour, and celebrate your life on an exotic journey steeped in a deep sense of history, culture, and traditions.

Do you enjoy the visual and tactile pleasures of handcrafted items from Morocco and environs? Stay tuned for our online shop opening in Summer 2018

For more information about Kasbah Ait Isfoul and/or how you can host or join a workshop or gathering, please send us an enquiry at:

Kasbah Ait isfoul
Come gather inspiration from nature, sunrises, sunsets, long shadows, moonlight, endless stars, and the ever-present shifting sands.



The Land of Mud (Sand) Castles is a vivid description of the region of Morocco dominated by the Berbers. The mud brick architecture of the forts and palaces are scattered along the oasis of the Sahara Desert. These ancient structures that predominate Southern Morocco are a vivid testament to the power of the Berbers. Because of the materials used to build these structures - pise' or mud, it is hard to tell if a particular building is 10 or 100 years old.

Kasbahs are often embellished with bold, geometric motifs. Berbers believe not only in the mediative and aesthetic aspect of decoration but also in its power. The pattens are believed to hold a talismanic power known as "Baraka", a means of deflecting the dreaded evil eye.

We travel, some of us forever,
to seek other places, other lives, other souls.
— Anais Nin
Clay Kasbah